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Depending upon which type of insulation material you use and how it's applied, it'll take a team of experienced workers to install. The insulation contractor is the person who will oversee the installation, and he or she will work closely with your builder throughout the process.

The insulation that you buy is extremely dependent on how professionally it's installed. If you're working with any type of fibrous insulation material, if there are any cracks, gaps, air voids or compression of the material, the insulating value can be reduced as much as 50 percent. This means that not only is buying the right product critical, but having it installed professionally and properly is absolutely paramount.

Note: Your builder and architect should be able to recommend a quality insulation contractor in your area.

A quality insulation contractor will be familiar with the many varieties of insulation, as well as how to provide the necessary thermal protection or "R-Value" to your home.

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