We provide 6-months labor and parts warranty

Repair work is paid when it is done

Inspection (Tune-Up)

Service work

 Repair work (parts+labor) :

Estimate is free:

You will know the problem and price before we start, and give us your approval.

You can reject our service before we get started if you don't like the price. 

You owe nothing, because we did nothing; even we spent time on the diagnosis. We presume your preapproval if an estimated repair cost is less than $300.

When you decide to start, you will pay:

Service call fee ($90) + parts & materials with labor


Vasyl AC provides a 6-months labor and parts warranty* 


If we failed to fix the problem, even if we tried hard, you pay nothing.


Repair work is paid when it is done.


We will not replace your equipment if it's fixable. 

If it’s unfixable or non-repairable – We will prove it! 

*to give you a warranty, the whole system should be tested and tuned up properly, have clean coils and filters 

Best Regards,

Vasyl Shatkivskyi

Vasyl AC